True Ghost Tales

5 True Ghost Tales That Will Keep You Up All Night


According to Wikipedia, ghosts are the spirits of a dead person who appears before the living. Ghosts have made quite the influence on folklore over the years. While ghost stories often appear under the fiction section of a library, strange and unexplainable occurrences in real life make us question the thread that separates the land of the living and the dead.

If you happen to be in the mood for a good scare, then the collection of true ghost tales you are about to read is sure to keep you up all night. Be warned, they are so chilling that you probably won’t get any sleep tonight.

5 True Ghost Tales That Are Best Read Alone

1. This woman recounts the time she saw her cousin at her aunt’s home, only to realize he died not long ago.

“I was about 9 years old when I was walking down some stairs in my aunts house where they have a mirror hanging on a wall at the end of the stairs so you could see behind you as you walk down. Well, I saw my cousin behind me, so I turned around and yelled ‘Louie,’ but he disappeared, so I ran back up the stairs looking for him in every room. I couldn’t find him, so I run downstairs and ask my aunt if she’s seen him, and she got mad and told me it wasn’t funny and then she finally realized that I wasn’t lying that I saw him and she broke into tears, wanting to know everything he said. Later I found out he passed away recently, and no one told me yet, so I freaked out especially because I spent the night in his old room. His dog Wrinkles still barks at his chair as if someone is sitting there.” —Sharon J.

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Creepy Mirror

2. A grandmother and her grandchild’s simple bonding moment was disrupted when an entity decided to join in. Check out the terrifying photo below!

“Over ten years ago [I] was bathing my grandchild in sink and felt like someone trying to help me . I could feel something fighting my moves, and it was becoming difficult to handle the baby. At the same time, I was colder than I ever have been. When the pictures came back that my daughter took of us, there looks as if there are arms, skeletal in appearance, in the water with us!!” —Jennie S.

Unknown Hand

3. Many people believe that ghosts manifest to children more than they do to adults. This story is proof of that theory.

“When my oldest son was about two-and-a-half, we were walking around our neighborhood and stopped at a house that was for sale. We talked about looking into it and asked our son what he thought about the house. He said he didn’t like it because the grandma killed the little boy in the attic. He freaked us out, we went back home. I cannot look at that house the same way anymore. He will be 8 in 14 days.” —Stephanie H.

Possessed House

4. One of the scariest true ghost tales, this story seems like a scene straight out of a Stephen King book. What would you do if you’re stuck in the same situation?

“A few years ago, I was home alone at night time. I was watching TV in the living room when I heard the doorbell ring. Whenever I hear the doorbell ring, especially when I’m home alone, I am cautious to answer it. I walk up to the peephole without turning on the porch light (so they don’t know if anyone is actually home or not) and look through. It’s really dark, but I can see a small figure (more like, black blob, I don’t know its definite shape and had to be around 3 to 4 feet) doing like a dancing motion. Dipping down and oscillating its ‘arms’ outward. Think of a person moving their arms like wings gracefully. It was dark outside, but this figure was more opaque, so I could see this going on. After a few seconds, I stopped looking through the peephole because it was too freaky to look at. I regained some courage and looked back through, and whatever it was was gone. To this day, I still don’t know what that was, and I get freaked out thinking about it.” —Reddit user buzzlightbeer27

Creepy Lady

5. A woman has a terrifying encounter with the devil.

“I was 4 and I saw the devil in our driveway. I used to climb up on our mantel, and there was a window that looked out onto the drive. For years after, I wouldn’t go to that end of the mantel. The reason I think it was real is he looked like an evil man until I got to his feet. They were hooves. At 4, I would have had no way of knowing what that meant. My childhood home is in close proximity to an old cemetery, and an alley behind us has a big house where a woman committed suicide. It was always creepy!” —Barb B.

She Saw a Devil

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