Real-Life Possessions

6 Real-Life Possessions That Will Scare You Out of Your Wits


Horror movies have been a staple in cinema throughout history. In 2007, audiences were treated to one of the highest-grossing horror movies of all time, Paranormal Activity. While the events that took place are entirely fictional, the scene where the woman is possessed by the demonic entity is truly one of the most terrifying things to ever play out on screen. But are there really cases of real-life possessions?

It is safe to say that demonic possession has long been an inspiration behind many fictional works. But the real-life possessions you will find on this list tread far beyond the pages of a book or a script. Check them out and prepare to be scared out your wits!

Real-Life Possessions That Will Scare the Living Daylights Out of You

1. Ouija Board Attack

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Ouija Board

Paranormal experts have warned people over and over again that dabbling with the occult will lead to no good. Back in 2012, a group of teens messing around with the Ouija board resulted in terrible consequences.

Police were baffled when they investigated a brutal crime scene involving a 15-year-old boy stabbing his best friend in the abdomen. Luckily, the victim survived his wounds after spending three days in the ICU.

The attacker claimed that the Ouija board has instructed him to commit the heinous act. In the end, the boy pleaded guilty to the crime, and his lawyers were forced to plead insanity to lessen his sentence.

2. Footprints on the Wall

Creepy Footprints

The historic Mitten Brewing Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has been renovated and revamped over the years. As soon as the new tenants settled in, they discovered that they weren’t alone. Unseen occupants were literally leaving their marks everywhere. Ghostly footprints would start appearing everywhere from wooden floors to wall panels. When a wall in the structure was torn down, the footprints of a small child were visible on a piece of wood that was said to have been kept in the dark for the past 127 years.

3. The Haunted Antique Mirror

Haunted Antique Mirror

Twenty-year-old Joseph Birch‘s haunted mirror story has been reported by several publications. It all started when Birch acquired an old antique mirror that his landlord had thrown in the dumpster. Little did he know, the discarded mirror, although in good, would only bring cause him trouble.

At first, Birch and his roommate would experience fainting spells and unexplained illnesses. The duo later began feeling what was described as “a sense of impending doom.” The haunting also transcended to physical torment, they recalled waking up at night covered in deep, red scratches.

To get rid of the mirror for good, Birch and his roommate sold the haunted mirror on eBay where it was auctioned off at the price of $155—demons included.

4. The Enfield Poltergeist

Live Her Own Fantasy

For those who have seen The Conjuring 2, the name Janet Hodgson may ring a bell. The film was actually based on a case file by acclaimed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. The Warrens were asked to investigate the Enfield Poltergeist, a ghost that was tormenting a council home in England.

Janet Hodgson was just 11 years old when she became the victim of an evil entity that latched to her. The young girl experienced terrifying nightmares and would later speak in a deep male voice. Decades later, Janet would stick by her story, saying the ghostly encounter is “98 percent true.”

5. The Real-Life Possessions of the Ammons Family

Haunted House

Latoya Ammons and her family moved into a house in Gary, Indiana, back in 2011. Shortly after moving in, unexplained occurrences began to befall on the family. Latoya’s five children would experience sudden bouts of rage, shadow figures appeared just across the living room, and swarms of black flies surrounded the house in the middle of winter. When Latoya saw her child levitate with her own eyes, she knew something was horribly wrong with their new home.

The Ammons’ home was eventually exorcised by a catholic priest who was authorized by the Diocese of Gary. The priest confirmed that the house was haunted by not one but 200 entities! The police who came to investigate the house has stated in several interviews that he truly believes that the structure is haunted. The house no longer stands today as paranormal investigator and TV host Zak Bagans ordered its demolition last year.

6. The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel

Emily Rose

Anneliese Michel was only 16 years old when she began suffering violent seizures. Doctors diagnosed her with a psychotic disorder, and she was sent to a psychiatric hospital not long after. Michel complained about seeing “devil faces” throughout her stay. In addition to that, Michel became even more aggressive and displayed very strange behavior, like she would drink her own urine and eat insects. When traditional medicine proved to be ineffective, her family called a priest to perform an exorcism. Michel underwent 76 exorcisms in total, and on one occasion, she began to spit out the names of Judas Iscariot, Lucifer, Hitler, and even Nero.

Michel eventually died of extreme starvation and other health issues on July 1, 1976. The priests who performed the exorcism on her were charged with negligent homicide.

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