Creepy Abandoned Haunted Hospital: Soon to House Senior Citizens


Hospitals and asylums are among the favorite sets for horror stories. This is because the number of deaths in these places makes them likely to be places for paranormals—after cemeteries, of course.

This is why it came as a shock when word spread that the old, six-story Linda Vista Community Hospital, which has been abandoned since 1991 and rumored to be haunted, is being turned into a home for seniors.

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To put things in perspective, the building in Los Angeles has the reputation of being one of Hollywood’s favorite filming spots for scary movies and TV shows like Insiduous, Children of the Corn, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, True Blood, and even the music-video feature “Young Blood Chronicles.”

It even has its own notorious reputation as a building of paranormal phenomena, including rumors of animal sacrifices and satanic rituals!


However, it seems that after undergoing some serious renovations, it is being turned into a 100-bedroom “affordable housing,” to be named Linda Vista Senior Apartments.


About 42 percent of the US population believes in ghosts, and the decaying hospital is among the top spots urban explorers, paranormal seekers, and kids looking for a thrill.



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And so it brings people to ask, would you really want your grandparents living someplace that could possibly dwell with evil? You should probably keep out of that conversation.

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