10 of the Most Bone-Chilling Ghost Footages You Can Find on YouTube


Ghastly Figure in the Yard


This amateur video uploaded by YouTube user Bull Dawg last 2010 was supposed to be nothing but an innocent clip of him showing the family their new home. But as the video progresses, the cameraman clearly got more than what he bargained for.

The Headless Ghost


Not much is said about the origins of this video, but it has creeped a lot of viewers out.

Pub Poltergeist


The clip shows glasses being thrown off the shelves. Turns out, even the owner who is a nonbeliever, had heard of its paranormal history for a long time.

The Cup Ghost


Many have debated on the authenticity of this video, as the timing has been uncanny. It shows a woman supposedly filming about party giveaways, but when she leaves the shot, something spine chilling happens instead.

Guardian Angel Caught on Tape


A family CCTV footage shows an orb floating out of the child’s blanket. While no other explanation is offered about the video, it does give off a rather unsettling vibe.

Watch the video below

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