Disney Opened This Water Park 4 Decades Ago …Now It Looks Like a Place of Nightmares

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Google Earth revealed what appears to be ruins of an old park on a close study of Disney World in Florida. The magic still lives in this once-the-happiest place but in a creepy way. Brace yourself for these hidden photos of the old Disney World.

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The Walt Disney Company built its first-ever water park a long time ago on the edge of a lake in Florida. They wanted to reinvent the water park just like how their theme park was renovated. Disney River Country had rope bridges, swimming holes, water slides, and inner tube rapid rides.

After 25 years of operation since 1976, the beautiful water park near the Magic Kingdom was closed. This theme park, which was once known to be one of greatest attractions, became a spine-chilling, eerie place like you’ve never seen before.

Now River Country sits empty and haunted. Trees have grown in between the spaces of the water slide, and the once-clear pool currently looks fetid and half-empty.

Before it became as creepy-looking as it is today, the man-made mountain centerpiece of River Country was intentionally erected around the Bay Lake  to make it more natural-looking. It held the two main rides, the Whoop ‘N Holler Hollow and White Water Rapid. Water from the lake was filtered and pumped to the top of the slides.

But time took its toll on the park, and the rides are now being overtaken by Mother Nature.

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