Everything You Need to Know About the Slender Man


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5.  In some cases, the Slenderman is said to devour his victims

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So maybe the Slender Man’s motive involves more than simply terrorizing his victims as some stories say that victims meet their grisly death after being devoured by him. The Slender Man is said to have a set of razor sharp teeth and a wide mouth that he used to swallow his victims whole.

4. Slender Man sightings go way back to previous centuries

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The Slender Man myth is said to have started way back during the 1500s, but that continues to remain unconfirmed. But according to reports, early sightings of the Slender Man saw the supernatural creature as a knight or some sort of noble figure. In fact, German fairy tales contain similar descriptions of the Slender Man for creatures that they used to scare children with. Der Großmann, or The Tall Man in English, was described to be a tall, disfigured man with a sphere-like head that hunted children and took them to a forest until they confessed their wrongdoings to their parents.

By the 1900s, images of the Slender Man were seen in old photographs. He was believed to be the one responsible for missing children cases.

3.  Slender Man has human proxies that swear by his bidding

It is said that the Slender Man uses human proxies to carry out his evil deeds. They do everything from the actual physical work to destroying the evidence of his disastrous actions. These proxies even have access to the Internet and they create videos and Twitter accounts to influence more people to serve him. In other words, these proxies are the in-between for the Slender Man and are just as dangerous as the creature himself.

2.  The Slender Man is connected to numerous real-life crimes including a stabbing incident in 2014

On a serious note, the myth of the Slender Man had seemingly gone overboard when two 12-year-old girls from Wisconsin brutally stabbed their female classmate 19 times. The young victim survived since the stab wounds missed her heart by mere inches. Still, this gruesome crime swept the nation, and the suspects were tried as adults while their cases continue to await trial. According to the perpetrators, they carried on with their horrific crime because they wanted to appease the Slender Man to whom they became familiar with after reading the article in CreepyPasta.

After this story surfaced in 2014, a woman from Cincinnati claimed that her daughter had attacked her after orders came from the Slender Man that same year.

1.  The Slender Man is not real

Like many folklore, the Slender Man is nothing but a figment of the imagination. The only thing you should take seriously is how much the things we read on the Internet can go out of hand like the case of the Wisconsin stabbing and the other event that transpired in Ohio.

The Slender Man is not real, so there is no need for a nationwide panic or a reason to obsess over him. He was, after all, just a character that emerged from the imagination of an Internet user. Der Großmann was even just a Photoshop creation, an altered version of the original artwork by sixteenth-century artist Hans Holbein. So use your logic and be practical, there are more serious things to focus on in this world than an imaginary creature that was created to scare people.

Calm down and never let your fear get the best of you, the Slender Man is an urban legend so there is no reason to fear him.

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