Ghost Floats Through Family Home

Eerie Moment Ghost Floats Through Family Home Captured on CCTV


If you are a believer in the paranormal, well, you aren’t alone. Ghosts are more than just superstitions; somehow, they’ve become a part of the ongoing customary belief that the dead continue to live in another realm.

While science continues to shun any evidence of ghosts, it doesn’t seem to do a fine job at disproving them either. Time and time again, a strange phenomenon sparks a debate among believers and skeptics.

The video you are about to see has definitely sent tongues wagging. It was obtained from CCTV cameras set up in a family home in Kent. After originally planning to record his French bulldogs during the night, Stephen Lee believes he captured something far more sinister.

CCTV Captures Spine-Tingling Moment Ghost Floats Through Family Home

Hospitals are said to be one of the most haunted places on earth, even holding more records of spiritual activity than graveyards!

But for Stephen Lee, living on the same land where a hospital once stood was no big deal. After all, the home in Kent has been his family’s residence for years now. But Lee might have ended up rethinking the whole thing after his home cameras captured the exact moment a transparent figure floated through the doors.

Lee, who lives in the said house with his partner, James, owns two French bulldogs. The pair decided to record their Frenchies because they wanted to know where all the strange noises were coming from. But after finding out that the things that went bump in the night had nothing to do with their dogs, Lee is now convinced the house is haunted.

He told MailOnline, “Being a skeptic I was thinking of what else it could be, but our living room backs onto a private garden so there was very little it could be.

“On the run up to the footage our youngest dog—still a puppy at this stage—kept staring into our hallway and on a couple of occasions growled, but we just dismissed this and thought he was still settling in.

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CCTV Footage

“Since the footage, we’ve had a couple of eerie things happen—especially since we’ve put up the Christmas tree where lights have flickered on and off consecutively—like the Christmas tree lights and the Light for the gecko’s vivarium.”

Other than flickering lights, Lee said that items have been violently thrown on the floor.

Kent is a county in Southeastern England known as the Garden of England. Other than the beautiful scenery it offers, the county is known to have some of the most haunted towns, villages, and tourist sites in the United Kingdom. This is likely due to the long history of battles that have surrounded Kent for centuries. That said, it should come as no surprise that Lee’s home was indeed visited by the unworldly guests from the past!

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