Faeces Removed

Man Suffering from Hirschsprung’s Disease Has 13 Kilograms of POOP Removed from Body


Get ready because you’re going to need a cast-iron stomach to digest what you are about to read.

A young man from China recently had to undergo surgery to remove 13 kilograms (29 lbs) of feces from his body. Twenty-two-year-old Zhou Hai had been suffering from severe abdominal pain and been having breathing difficulties for years. He never got a proper diagnosis until the pain finally reached its peak. After getting a CT scan from a hospital in Shanghai last week, the doctors made a shocking discovery.

Hirschsprung’s Disease Patient Has 13 Kilograms of Feces Surgically Removed

Zhou Hai spent the majority of his life constantly battling abdominal pain. He would take laxatives to ease out the pain, but it would return shortly after. Due to the lack of medical attention, a large amount of feces began to build up in Hai’s intestines, putting his whole life at risk.

Hai was eventually brought to the Tenth People’s Hospital of Shanghai where he underwent a CT scan. Doctors told media outlets that he appeared to be 9 months pregnant due to the painful enlargement and clogged feces. In their own words, Hai looked like he was “about to explode.”

The doctors ordered an immediate surgical operation, which lasted for three hours. They were able to remove the affected part of his colon as well as a massive accumulation of poop. Fortunately, Hai is expected to recover from the harrowing ordeal.

The picture of Hai’s enlarged colon eventually made its rounds on social media shortly after the surgery. It appears even larger than a newborn baby! The colon measured 76 cm long and weighed 13 kg by the time it was removed last Thursday.

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 Zhou’s Colon

What Is Hirschsprung’s Disease?

Doctors diagnosed Hai with Hirschsprung’s disease, a rare disorder that affects one in every 5,000 live births. It occurs when the neural connections to the colon fail to develop, causing difficulty in bowel movements. Hirschsprung’s disease is typically diagnosed in babies and young children. Symptoms include passing out dark feces within 48 hours after birth, a swollen stomach, rapid weight gain, and vomiting green fluids. The most effective treatment for Hirschsprung is by undergoing a surgical procedure to return bowel movements to normal.

13kg of Faeces

Hai’s case is rare and not to mention extremely life-threatening. Feces is a toxic substance that should be immediately eliminated from the body. To have it stored in the body for 22 years can cause countless health hazards.

Thankfully, doctors can confirm that Hai’s surgery was a success, and he is currently on his way to recovery.

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