Man Shocked to Find Homeless Woman Secretly Living in His Flat


Joe Cummings has quite a hair-raising story to tell.

In what can only be compared to the whole Paranormal Activity franchise, Joe has captured on tape a creepy sighting in his own home. The catch is, the supposed “nightcrawler” is doing more than just haunting the place, it’s being so unsanitary the only word to describe its actions is downright disgusting.

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Joe Cummings Is No Kook


Joe works as an actor based in New York City. He shares his place with his girlfriend and nobody else. So when the pair found that their food had been consumed, they initially were pointing fingers at each other. To settle the issue, Joe decided to set up a camera, and what happened next was frightening.


Using a night-vision camera, Joe filmed his kitchen, and in the now viral video, viewers can see the whole kitchen area, refrigerator, as well as a cubby hole near the entrance.

The video starts at a dull note, so a lengthy time-lapse happens next. After two hours, you see something move over the shadows.


The video looks like it’s taken straight out of a Japanese horror flick, with the willowy figure belonging to the woman seen crawling into Joe’s kitchen.


The woman stealthily stands on the table beside the entrance. As stated in the video, it appears Joe has absolutely no idea who this woman was or how she even got in.


The woman seems to know the apartment pretty well too. Clearly, this isn’t her first rendezvous in the apartment. She doesn’t seem to have any trouble finding the food and greedily gobbles up what she can.


Probably the most disturbing and not to mention unsanitary thing about this video is the fact that this intruder has no regard for personal hygiene ever. She does her business in Joe’s sink and helps herself to even more food later.

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