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Murder Houses to Murderers: 5 Online Horror Stories That Will Scare You Silly


Halloween may be long over, but that doesn’t mean horror stories have become less interesting. Every day, something creepy and delightfully peculiar pop up on the Internet and we’re all here for it.

Today, you’ll be reading five online horror stories that are sure to make your skin crawl. So if you’re ready to be scared out of your wits, here are truly unsettling online horror stories that will make you want to leave the lights on.

5 Online Horror Stories That Are Unimaginably Frightening

1. The Hole (Scientology)

The Church of Scientology has had its own share of mysteries. From allegations of maltreatment to Tom Cruise being the church’s “Messiah,” there’s just no end to the controversy surrounding this infamous church.

One of the most baffling mysteries—and now tagged as one of the creepiest online horror stories ever—kept by the Church of Scientology is known as The Hole, a facility located in Gilman Hot Springs, California. Rumors of torture, brainwashing, and abuse have plagued the 520 acres area, with some ex-members of the church even comparing it to North Korean death camps.

Reddit user CB_Wizdumb claimed that he tried to sneak into the enclosed lot. He wrote, “Give me an address and I’ll GoPro the s— out of this place.”

Just a few hours later, he uploaded a photo showing himself climbing over the barbed fence of The Hole. He promised curious Redditors that he would be uploading more later.

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Gold Base

However, CB_Wizdumb retracted on his words and later wrote an apology on the thread. “I apologize if I have offended any specific community. Trespassing is never funny, nor should it be considered a hobby.” And oddly enough, he started deleting every post he’d ever made about Scientology.

So was this an elaborate joke, or did this individual successfully infiltrate The Hole? If so, was he caught and forced into silence? More importantly, what exactly did he manage to catch on camera? Perhaps the world will never know.

2. David Kalac: The 4chan Killer

David Kalac

Anyone who has been on the Internet knows that 4Chan is notorious for obscene—and downright disturbing—content. But when an actual murder was confessed on the imageboard site, things just went haywire.

Back in November 2014, a photo of a woman’s nude and beat-up body was posted on 4chan’s /b/ board.

“Turns out,” the user chillingly wrote, “its way harder to strangle someone to death than it looks on the movies.”

He later urged everyone on the board to check on the news. “Check the news for port orchard Washington in a few hours,” he added moments after posting the disturbing image. “Her son will be home from school soon. He’ll find her, then call the cops.”

Sure enough, the poor boy went home to discover the grisly sight. The post was made by victim’s boyfriend, David Kalac, who, for reasons unknown, strangled and bludgeoned her to death.

The murder of Amber Coplin made national headlines because of how creepy and violent it was. Choplin was found covered in blood with her face bashed in. Next to her body was her driver’s license with the word “dead” written over it. On the wall were the chilling words “She killed me first.”

3. Sad Satan

The Deep Web is the part of the Internet that can’t be accessed by search engines. While it isn’t as vile as the Dark Web, it certainly doesn’t have the friendliest content either. In fact, it is the home to one of the scariest online horror stories ever known.

One person managed to find a strange, creepy game called Sad Satan on the Deep Web. On the surface, it looked like a typical survival game, but when familiar faces of mass murderers started showing up, things quickly got eerie.

The game had its players wander through a blurry, black-and-white hallway while distorted voices were played in the background. After some time, strange images would start showing up. Most of the disturbing photos depicted child abuse, with references to Operation Yewtree because of the images of notorious pedophiles Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris.

But it didn’t stop there. There were photos of other crimes such as the murders of Charles Manson, the “Otaku” killer Tsutomu Miyazaki, and much more.

The game went viral after it was shared on YouTube. But one 4chan user said that the version uploaded on the video-sharing channel hid the grisly truth.

“Don’t believe that coward,” the user wrote. “He did not show you what was truly in this game.” He then added what he called the “true version of the game,” this time filled with graphic images of child pornography.

The origins of Sad Satan remains a mystery to this day. Some have said that it came from the person who posted it on 4chan, but nobody really knows for sure.

2. Mr. Anime

Trey Sesler, better known by his pseudonym “Mr. Anime” on YouTube, shared a number of disturbing content on his channel.

Sesler started out as a pretty normal YouTube vlogger. He touched on everyday topics such as video games, anime, and other things and discussed them to his subscribers at first. But as time went on, he started obsessing over guns like a madman.

In his final video, which he eerily titled “Mr. Anime Is Planning Something,” Sesler told his subscribers that he would be taking a break. It didn’t take too long for the 22-year-old to make front-page news. He was wanted for the murder of his mother, father, and brother. Sesler was eventually found by the police en route to Waller Junior High School, where he planned to kill 70 people.

So what did his family have to do with his twisted plans? According to reports, Sesler wanted to put them out of their misery once he carried out his plans for a mass murder.

1. The /b/ Serial Killer

Dead Girl in Blood

In 2015, an anonymous 4chan user put up two disturbing images: one showed a glamor shot of a young woman and the other was far more heinous—her lifeless body lying in bed.

“If you can guess a name I will upload a picture. [ . . . ] If you guess all of the names I will show you where I dumped a body in 1999,” he wrote.

4chan users started rapidly guessing as many women’s names as they could. As promised, the man posted more images, all of them showing grisly shots of dead women. Using the GPs coordinates coded into the photos, Internet sleuths eventually narrowed down their search to a user in Carlin, Nevada. Curiously enough, they managed to find out that one of the dead women was Shauna Maynard, a Las Vegas–born woman who went missing in 1998.

The FBI eventually got wind of the case. However, they were unsuccessful in tracking down the identity of the mysterious user and believed it was just a hoax.

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