Owner of ‘Britain’s Most Haunted House’ Sells Home After Terrifying ‘Satanic Goat’ Sighting


Ready to open a new chapter in her life by moving into a new house, 43-year-old Vanessa Mitchell found the cottage called the Cage. But what Mitchell did not know was that the house hid a scary secret.

She started having creepy sightings like a random splatter of blood on the floor and ghostly figures. Once, she was even smacked on the buttocks by some hand she couldn’t see and, worse, she was pushed over when she was pregnant.

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It was reported that the Cage has always had a bad reputation since way back the sixteenth century. It was once a medieval prison and was where England’s most famous witch hunts took place, where eight women who were believed to be witches were executed.

Everyone who has lived in the Cage ended up selling the property after at most four years because of strange sightings.

Amazingly enough, Vanessa managed to stay in the cottage for 11 years. But after seeing a CCTV footage of an alleged demonic goat, Vanessa gave up too and decided to auction the Cage.

Mitchell shared,

I honestly believe the house is cursed, I have lived there for years but for me seeing a tall dark figure standing between me and my son’s cot was the final straw for me. Footage from the past couple of weeks shows the picture of a satanic goat which just reaffirms that the place is haunted by something malevolent. There’s something evil in there, something demonic, whatever it is that’s keeping the other spirits trapped inside. I’m selling the house now because the house is getting worse, we’re catching evidence all the time of the tortured spirits inside. I’ve had every medium, psychic and investigator in there to try and get rid of what’s in there.”

While the auction is going on, Vanessa is willing to continue investigating the house to know its history and ultimately discover why it is haunted.

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