These Real-Life Sightings of the Slender Man Will Send a Chill Down Your Spine


Slender Man has become an Internet sensation after multiple creepy pasta stories and urban legends boosted the supernatural creature’s status worldwide. Although a lot of people dismiss Slender Man as just a mythical creature or a work of fiction, there are others who presented “evidence” of his existence and even sightings. Check them out below.

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Slender Man’s presence in classic paintings

This painting by Hans Baldung Grien is called The Three Ages of Woman and Death, which was painted in the sixteenth century. It may look like your usual Renaissance art, but when the painting is exposed to an X-Ray, it shows that the character of death has extra limbs, a key and striking feature of Slender Man.

Ancient Slender Man cult

Here’s an ancient document and even a seal that seems to be from a Slender Man cult. The paranormal being is well known to have a perfectly oblong-shaped head as well as being faceless.

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