These Real-Life Sightings of the Slender Man Will Send a Chill Down Your Spine


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Slender Man sighting

It may look like a usual group photo of people chilling out and having fun, but when you look closely, you will see a tall and slender body near the woods as marked by the red square.

Photo captured at night

Here’s a camera with night vision, which was supposed to take a picture of a deer, but it seems to have captured a dark and mysterious figure passing by.

Creepy video of Slender Man crawling outside a building

Russian men were casually filming buildings on the street when this eerie spider-like figure appeared out of nowhere and is crawling around the walls.

Appearing in a 10,000-year-old cave painting

This cave painting shows a tall man with tentacles coming out from his arms. However, the cave painting above is actually edited. The real cave painting is shown below without any enhancements or weird tentacles.

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