Horror Stories Posted Online

Real-Life Horror Stories Posted Online That Will Scare the Living Daylights Out of You


If you ever encounter something out of the ordinary, say for example a chance meeting with Big Foot while on a hike, won’t you find it hard to convince others that it really happened? There are skeptics everywhere and rightfully so, especially if one were to consider the many stories that were made up for the sake of attention.

But if you really want to get things out of your chest, under the shroud of anonymity of course, then the Internet is a wonderful place for all things strange and paranormal. Since the invention of the Internet, everything odd to downright spine-chilling has been popping up everywhere. From serial killers posting their morbid desires to UFO enthusiasts claiming that the Fourth Kind exists, the Internet is filled to the brim with creepy and unsettling posts.

Today, you are about to read a collection of horror stories posted online. Just a fair warning before you proceed, these definitely are not for the faint of heart.

Terrifying Horror Stories Posted Online

1. Hotel ZaZa’s Room 322

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Hotel ZaZa’s Room 322

A strange hotel room in Houston has been freaking Reddit users out since it first came to light. Reddit user joelikesmusic started quite the online thread after pointing out a peculiar suite in the Hotel ZaZa. He posted the simple question “What up with room 322?” after discovering that the room his colleague was using was different from his.

To put it simply, the room is reminiscent of a scene from a snuff film. As joelikesmusic describes, ”Room 322 was beyond strange. In an otherwise ritzy hotel, this room had a hard, concrete floor, and its bed had chains. The walls were decorated with skulls and eerie paintings of monstrous, deformed people; one showed two twin girls with giraffe-like necks, conjoined by the hair. And then in the midst of the chaos, there was a strangely innocuous photograph of a smiling middle-aged man: Stanford Financial Group president Jay Comeaux.”

Making things even more baffling is the claustrophobia-triggering size of the room. According to joelikemusic, room 322 is one-third the size of a normal room with the rest of the space blocked off with a brick wall and a one-way mirror. On the other side of the wall, nosy guests could sneak a peek and see whatever secret moments are happening in room 322.

So what did the staff say when asked about the room? Well, Joe’s colleague was apparently told that room 322 was never meant to be booked and moved into another. A reporter caught wind of the Reddit thread and asked a staff of the Hotel ZaZa to clear things up. Their staff nervously replied, “I need to look into that a little bit further.” The plot only thickens.

2. 37.761962 N, 96.210194 W

Murder Suspect

The website 4chan has been linked to the popularization of Internet memes, pranksters, and other Internet subcultures. It is no stranger to all things creepy and horrifying as well. But even by 4chan standards, the story you are about to read is particularly unsettling.

It all began on November 29, 2011, when an anonymous 4chan user posted a picture of Emily Sander. By the time the photo was taken, Sander had already been missing for six days. The uploader captioned it with one short sentence: “If anyone can correctly guess their own post number, I will tell you where she is buried.”

As soon as somebody did, the user posted the coordinates “37.761962 N, 96.210194 W.” It led directly to a country roadside 80 kilometers east of El Dorado, Texas. Sure enough, it was the exact place where police found Sander’s body.

The strange thing was that the police had absolutely no idea about the 4chan post. They discovered Sander’s remains a whole hour after the post was made on the website. Sander, who worked in the porn industry, was brutally raped, murdered, and left to rot on the side of the road. Authorities arrested a man by the name of Israel Mireles, who, like the police, knew nothing about the post on 4chan

So who was the anonymous 4chan user? It remains a mystery to this day. Some people have theorized that it could have been Mireles himself or someone else who happened to have stumbled upon the body. What do you think?

3. Lake City Quiet Pills

Lake City Quiet Pills

Another day, another case for the Internet detectives on Reddit.

In 2009, a strange post popped up on the website. It was a eulogy for “ReligionofPeace,” a popular user on the site. The post read that the man had “died at his desk lookin’ at your site.” The poster, who went by the name “2-6,” had never set foot on Reddit before. But he explained that he knew ReligionofPeace personally and even referred to him by his first name, Milo.

The mystery began with the eulogy’s first sentence. User 2-6 said that he was “the person who provided ReligionOfPeace the space for ‘That Old Guy’s Image Host.’” When curious Redditors looked into “That Old Guy’s Image Host,” they were redirected to a porn website with the domain name lakecityquietpills.com. The site was as strange as its name, and upon further investigation, Redditors realized that there was a code on the website about a party for Milo and, oddly enough, a job ad requiring “5 fluent Portuguese” for a 6-month gig.

What followed was a rabbit hole of mysteries involving hired killers and assassination attempts. Most people assumed that the domain name was a direct reference to an ammunition plant in Lake City, Iowa, with the words “quiet pill” serving as a metaphor for bullets.

To add fuel to the fire, a Hamas commander was found murdered in Dubai just six months after the post was made. The assassins were allegedly funded with credits cards straight from a bank in, you guessed it, Lake City, Iowa. Creepy.

7. Jared Lee Loughner

Always keep an eye out for people who act erratically, particularly on social media, before it is too late. This was a tough lesson learned after the 2011 Tucson shooting.

Jared Lee Loughner of Tucson, Arizona, was responsible for the murder of six innocent people including federal judge John Roll and 9-year-old bystander Christina-Taylor Green. Loughner’s original target was Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was severely wounded from the attack but survived. Loughner was noted for filming his decline into madness and posted all the chilling footage on his YouTube account.

One of the videos discovered in 2010 was a clip of Loughner calling his college alma mater, Pima Community College, “one of the biggest scams of America.” It should be noted that Loughner was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, and due to the lack of medical attention, he continued to become more and more detached from reality. In one of his final videos, he warned that he would bring a new currency to America by “lethal or non-lethal means.”

6. The Sleep as Android Ghost

The Sleep as Android Ghost

It is no question that sleep apnea is a problem that most people face nowadays. Fortunately, recent developments in technology have helped people suffering from insomnia and other sleep-related illnesses. One good example is the Sleep as Android app that records your sleep patterns so you can listen to them the next morning.

For Reddit user “Jenny”, everything was going smoothly with the Sleep as Android app until she heard something out of the ordinary. When Jenny played back a recording from a previous night’s sleep, she found out that the app had turned on at 2:04 AM to pick up strange noises that sounded like someone rustling through her belongings. Jenny then heard her own voice ask, “What are you doing?” The voice, described as a deep and husky male voice, answered, “Nothing.”

Jenny further explained that no one was in the house other than her three-year-old son. The only logical explanation was that an intruder had broken in. But upon inspecting her belongings, Jenny saw that nothing was stolen. She continued to use the app, which recorded more rustling sounds over the next few nights. Clearly freaked out by the incident, Jenny and her son moved out. They haven’t been bothered by unworldly activity ever since.

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