Terrifying Ghost Stories

8 Women Share Their Most Terrifying Ghost Stories


The terrifying ghost stories you are about to read might just turn you from a skeptic into a believer. These women have experienced firsthand encounters with beings that are not quite from our world. So is this a proof of the paranormal or simply delusions made up by the human mind? You decide.

8 Terrifying Ghost Stories Shared by Women

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1. The phantom nanny

This new mom gets someone to help her watch over her daughter. The only catch is, the unexpected assistant is actually from beyond the grave.

The Phantom Nanny

When my daughter was 6 months old, I started noticing some unusual behavior. She would laugh and babble like someone was playing with her when no one was there. She would start crying, and before I could even get to her, she would calm down and coo. I honestly didn’t think much of it until I was up late one evening and caught a glimpse of a woman’s reflection in a window. She was standing in the door between my office and my room—the door that was originally the front door of the house. I could see her clearly, a tall woman with dark hair wearing an old dressing gown. When I turned to look directly at her, she was gone. It was unsettling, but I never felt a negative presence in our house.

The house was old, and we were the first owners who hadn’t been descendants of the family that built it. I ignored her for the most part, though her interactions with my daughter became more frequent.

Sleeping with the Radio Monitor

The creepiest part was when my daughter woke crying in the night when she was almost a year old. My husband and I both got up to check on her, but I heard something odd over the baby monitor and he grabbed my arm and put his finger over his lips. We stopped dead in our tracks and listened: there was the unmistakable sound of a woman singing a lullaby. Sure enough, our daughter quieted and said, “Night night.” My husband ran into her room to check to make sure that she was all right. Everything was fine, luckily, but we cleansed the house the next day.

Nanny Ghost

2. The firsthand experience in exorcism

The word “exorcism” alone is enough to entice fear in the hearts of plenty. It’s not surprising that many terrifying ghost stories involve poor people undergoing exorcism. This woman, for example, shares about a firsthand experience with a possessed young girl—and it sure will leave you gaping.

Young Woman Possessed

I saw a girl get possessed when we were at a friend’s house. I was outside hanging out when we heard the girl’s mom crying and screaming. We walked in, and my friend, who is a big guy, was struggling to hold down his sister. I say she was possessed because she was talking in a man’s voice—this was a 17-year-old girl and just 110 pounds. She pushed her brother off and dropped to the floor, then she elevated off the floor, her torso was up in the air and only her feet and head were touching the floor.

Floated in Bed

It was horrible, most people left. I stayed and helped the brother hold her down, telling the spirit to go away. I don’t know why I did that, I’ve always been spiritual and felt like I could help. After 20 minutes, she came back, she didn’t remember anything. She didn’t know what had happened, she was super confused and looked really messed up. She’s okay now. Her brother and I kept in contact. Last time we talked was about a year ago and he still remembers that night pretty well. He thanked me for doing that, but I honestly don’t think I did anything impressive. I just did what felt right and wanted to help.

3. A visit to the asylum

The Wood County Historical Center and Museum was previously an infirmary known as the Wood County Home. The site housed poor, mentally ill, and physically disabled individuals from around the area. It closed its doors during the 1950s and was later reopened as a museum. But with its opening came terrifying ghost stories that scared a lot of people.

Asylum Specter

Recently, a friend and I went to this place called Wood County Historical Museum near where I live. It used to be a hospital for the mentally insane, but now you can walk through and do tours. Or you can just walk by yourself.

Ghost Seen

Well, we didn’t realize they closed at 4:00 p.m. so by the time we got there, we only got to see one building. The stairs there were roped off, saying “Do Not Enter.” We were standing right there at the bottom of the stairs, and I kid you not, we heard footsteps going up and down the stairs. I looked at my friends and I’m like, “Are you doing that somehow?” They weren’t. They weren’t even moving. But we know what we heard. No doubt about it. We definitely heard footsteps going up and down the stairs, but nothing was there. I plan on going back with a different friend soon to explore more of the buildings.

4. A poltergeist at home

The term “poltergeist” is actually German for “noisy ghost.” It is a supernatural entity that is capable of physically interacting with its surroundings. Poltergeists can do everything from breaking glass to hurting people.

Creepy Guest

I’ve had several. Most were in a house I used to own. There was one time I was alone in my bedroom and felt someone sit on my bed. I was wide awake, so I know it wasn’t a dream. The blankets even pulled down with it. Another time I was home with my three small children alone and a lantern we had hanging was swinging back and forth, but no one had been near it. And another time I heard strange rolling noises coming from my attic, like dozens of marbles rolling back and forth.

5. Haunted by a ghost from the past

Many believe that human souls are reincarnated and ready to start a new life without any recollection of their past. But based on the experience of many individuals, not every soul gets the chance to pass over as there are still restless spirits of days long gone that continue to linger in the Earth.

This young woman’s harrowing experience with a tormented spirit from the past is sure to send shivers down your spine.

Old House

When I was 3 or 4 years old, we lived in a house in Wichita, Kansas, that had been an old plantation house that had been split into apartments. My mother told me that one night, she heard me screaming, and she came running out of her room to see me running down the hall from the bathroom. I had gone to the bathroom on my own, and she told me that I told her there was a man in the bathroom. She of course went running into the bathroom but found no one.

Ghost Wrote in the Mirror

The bathroom window was too small for anyone to fit through, and upon searching out part of the house, she didn’t find a trace of anyone having broken in. She asked me to describe the man, and I told her he had a pair of revolvers, was wearing a pinstripe suit, and had a mustache. I never saw the man again, but I wouldn’t go to the bathroom by myself anymore.

About a month later, she was cleaning up the kitchen sink when she found that the back wall was a false wall and pushed it out of the way. Inside was a small area big enough for a person to fit in, old bottles, an old blanket, and pinned to the wall the pin stripe suit. She was freaked out to say the least. When I was 6 years old, my mom brought it up again around my grandparents.

Grandfather of the Owner

My grandfather had all these books about the old west with pictures in them, so he pulled them out and told me if I saw the person to tell him. As he was flipping through, I did see the person, and the picture I pointed at was one of Wyatt Earp wearing the exact same suit as the man in the bathroom.

6. More terrifying ghost stories: The roommate that wouldn’t be laid to rest

Restless spirits are often a result of untimely deaths. Anyone with unfinished business on earth is said to continue to haunt the last places they’ve been to, possibly even the place where they met their tragic demise.

Room Mate

I lived in an apartment with two other girls, and I would come home and feel a presence, you know, like someone else is home. Even after checking every room and knowing no one else was home, I would still feel the presence and feel like I was being watched. When I would sit on the love seat that kind of faced our hallway, I would see a flash of red sometimes in the corner of my eye. This would freak me out because there wasn’t even anything on the wall or anything red in that area.

Someone Called

Finally, one night we were all home and got to talking. It came up that we had all had similar experiences with feeling like someone was home and seeing the flash of red. All of a sudden, the phone rang and the caller ID was our number. We answered, and we could hear the music playing in the room where the other phone was. No matter how many times we hit off on the phone, it wouldn’t turn off, and my roommate swears she didn’t leave the radio on in her room. We all slept in the living room that night huddled together, and after that, none of us wanted to stay there. For the next couple [of] weeks, we felt the presence even stronger and saw more flashes of red. Six weeks later, we all moved out. My roommates rented different apartments in the facility, and I moved away. I still get chills when I think of that place.

7. Seeing dead people

In the hit 1999 horror film The Sixth Sense, Haley Joel Osment plays a young boy who claims he can see dead people. According to parapsychology, clairvoyance is an ability that some individuals are gifted with in real life. While there is no scientific proof to back up their claims, the ability to see the dead is truly something that has fascinated people for years.


I have seen those who have passed but usually cannot hear them. And it’s not all the time. It’s really strange and creepy. I never met my husband’s cousin but attended the funeral with him for support. I saw his dead cousin standing by his casket watching his brother make a tear-filled speech. I just kind of stared at him a bit freaked, he was shaking his head looking rather sad. Then he noticed me, and he just scrunched his face like he was trying really hard to look at something. When my husband touched me to hold my hand, I looked away; when I looked back, he was gone. I also used to see our dead dog clear as day walk down the hallway and a few others in my family.

Dead Child

Also we have Dotty, who is a little girl that stays in my sons’ room and cries when they are gone. I cannot see her but hear her, my son has claimed to see her numerous times. And my husband has as well.

8. Spirits of little children haunt this home

The Bible has rejected the idea of dead children becoming ghosts, but paranormal sightings have proved otherwise. In fact, ghost stories involve spirits of different genders, races, and nationalities, and of course of different ages. Based on this woman’s accounts, it certainly seems like the ghost of dead children continue to frequent the land of the living.

Shortly after moving into the house, I was trying to go to sleep when I felt the bed shift at the end like someone had just sat down. Thinking that it was my daughter, I sat up to tell her to go back downstairs, but no one was there. After a few seconds, I laid back down and felt the mattress rise up as if someone had gotten off the bed. And when my youngest was a baby, she used to ‘follow’ something through the house. Sometimes out of nowhere, she would stare and point, especially up the stairs to our bedroom. We’ve talked to our neighbors, and one of the grandmothers who visits from Mexico says that when she comes here to visit, she sees a little girl and boy at our house. We only have daughters.

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