Dad Films Son Watching ‘Star Wars’ for the First Time …Priceless!


You probably remember the very first time you watched Star Wars, where your own jaw dropped while marveling at the movie’s special effects, cool characters, and interesting story. But what you probably didn’t do was record yourself during that remarkable moment, post it online, and let people see your priceless reaction.  Of course you didn’t, that was 1977. Posting online was quite a ways away…

On their YouTube channel called How to Be a Dad, Andy Herald and Charlie Chapen did exactly what you couldn’t do back in the day. In the video below, you will see Herald’s seven-year-old son, Lucas, reacting to the film as he was watching it for the first time.

The result is an outrageously cute clip with Lucas asking around 278 questions in just two hours! To put that into perspective, that’s two questions per minute!



Watch this video below.



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