Facebook Blocked This Female Engineer …Soley Based On Her Real First Name


In a rather unfortunate turn of events, Facebook has mistakenly blocked someone simply because of her first name. The 22-year-old female engineer Isis Anchalee shared that she was blocked from Facebook because of her first name—Isis, the same name an infamous terrorist group is called. Anchalee was the one who launched the #ILookLikeAnEngineer campaign back in August.



Anchalee had already gained media attention before when she posted a photo of herself as part of the then ongoing Internet debate over how engineers should look like, an argument that sparked after an advertisement, where Isis was featured, was released.


She later explained about her being banned on Facebook through a tweet she posted on Tuesday.



A number of people offered to help her after they knew about her situation. Anchalee also shared that 50,000 people signed a petition, requesting the social media giant to stop linking the name ISIS to terrorists. The campaign started earlier this year.

Fortunately, Facebook was able to correct their error.


Isis Anchelee has now successfully logged back in after Facebook restored her account. Her name is no longer automatically associated to an international terrorist organization.


To know her more, check out these videos below.

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