See Candle Transform from Egg to Raptor? This Is a Must See!


Jurassic World was a popular movie in 2015, enough proof that dinosaurs continue to fascinate people hundreds of years after they have gone extinct. There is just something about these great creatures that makes learning more about them very fascinating to children and adults.

Since the Christmas season is here, Firebox released a new product that will make dinosaur lovers very happy.

(Product disclaimer: the raptor is not real.)

If you watched Jurassic World and want a raptor of your own, continue reading




It is this dinosaur-egg-shaped candle that has a hidden surprise inside


You light the candle




As the candle melts down . . . out comes the baby raptor


This is probably the look you have on your face now





To make it look more interesting, the people at Firebox will ship you the candle in dinosaur-crate type packages.




Watch these videos below.


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