These Well Known Logos Have Concealed Messages You Probably Didn’t Know …Until Now




Every angle, every inch, every corner of anywhere, we cannot avoid capitalism. People are bombarded by brands from different corporations as part of the “Mere Exposure Effect” in psychology wrapped in a golden sleeve called “marketing strategy”.

Due to the growing market, competition is also getting fiercer. Only the most versatile will stay alive in the coliseum of marketing. And, because of this, creative branding was born.

Sending a message to consumers just by looking at a company’s logo is now the major trend in commerce. May it be about the quality of your products or service, it’s always better to have a logo that would speak for itself to save on other unnecessary advertising.

All these trademarks have gone through countless transformations over the years to assure only necessary elements to play a huge role in attracting customers by giving hints on the what they have to offer. Let us scrutinize these widely-known brand logos and see through their hidden messages.


You can see a pin in the letter ‘P’ of the logo.


You may think that the inspiration to this billion-dollar logo was taken from a bible passage. However, this may actually be a tribute to Alan Turing who invented the Turing machine, a theoretical computing apparatus that helped understand the boundaries of mechanical computation. Rumor has it that he died after he bit an apple drenched in poisonous cyanide.


At first glance, you cannot see anything remarkable in this logo. But if you look closely, an arrow is hidden in between the letters ‘E’ and ‘X’, which symbolizes the company’s speedy service.

Tour de France

The yellow circle in between ‘Tour’ and ‘France’ is apparently the front wheels of the bicycle and letters ‘O’, ‘U’, and ‘R’ make up the whole picture of a man riding a bicycle.


The company’s logo can be compared to a mountain that customers may overcome with the help of Adidas.




Concealed within Wendy’s ruffled collar is the word ‘MOM’, which connotes the similarity between their products and your mother’s cooking, despite being designed unintentionally.


This one-stop online shop boasts its wide range of selections and can actually be seen on its logo. The arrow connecting ‘A’ and ‘Z’ symbolizes the enormous catalogue they are proud of and also looks like a smile showing positive customer satisfaction.

London Symphony Orchestra

This abstract representation of a conductor swinging his baton is creatively buried under the letters ‘L’, ‘S’ and ‘O’.



Cisco is a multi-national technology company that was established in the county of San Francisco. To be recognized, they deliberately incorporated the Golden Gate Bridge in their logo and this is represented by the blue lines.


The razor-sharp quality of the brand can be felt by looking at the slash in the letters ‘G’ and ‘I’.




The first two letters look exactly like an analogue signal, while the remaining two are binary numbers that represent digital signals.

Baskin Robbins

You can probably see the number 31 highlighted by the color pink in between the logo. That’s because they offer 31 ice cream flavors.

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