Top Fallacies About Muslims the Media Brainwashes Us to Believe

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The stigma that comes with Islam has increased over the ages. Muslims are labeled as extremists, rapists, or radicals. But what people fail to see is that this type of thinking is illogical. At most times, society chooses to generalize the enemy and strip them of their humanity, implanting unruly thoughts on the minds of the general population.


What everyone should know, first and foremost, is that Islam does not promote radical thinking. It is the people who taint the religion. Yes, we see how a Middle Eastern man is making headlines for doing something that paints a grim picture of the religion. But he’s not everyone; he’s just one of those overblown egoists who want to promote a different form of idealism.

In a world where we constantly promote diversity, you will find on this list helpful information that will erase the image of Muslims media made you believe.

Islam promotes terrorism

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Most Americans have a form of thinking that Islam pits itself against Christianity. That belief was of course reinforced during the tragic 9/11 attacks, labeling Islam as a religion of hate.



This made the majority of the population to call the entire Muslim population as terrorists. But look at these numbers: there is an estimated 1.6 billion Islam believers in the whole world, but ISIS sends around 15,000 of them to the battlefield; which tells us that only 1 percent of them are directly involved with the violent acts.

Muslims have no respect for women

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Patriarchy is something prevalent in the society, not just in Muslim communities. We do come across news reports about Muslim women being ostracized in Middle Eastern countries, but in America alone, a staggering 25 percent of its women are subjected to all types of abuse. The topic of women’s rights is not limited to a certain race or a particular religion. It is a global issue that we can pin any religion down on.

Child sexual abuse is acceptable in Islamic society





Like women’s rights, child abuse, whether sexually, physically, or emotionally, remains unresolved. If we may recall, scandals surrounding prominent figures of the Catholic Church continue to surface as numerous children come forward with traumatic stories of sexual abuse. There are also numerous cases of pedophilia reported in the United States and Europe—our point being that neither of these countries are dominantly Muslim.

To add, child marriage has grown to be a tradition in some places when we could have easily buried it before the turn of the millennium. The most populous count of this practice happens to be in Africa, effecting young Nigerian women who are not even 18.

Muslims want the Sharia Law to be implemented

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 16:  Protestors hold placards outside a press conference being held by  right-wing Dutch MP Geert Wilders on October 16, 2009 in London. Mr Wilders was allowed into the UK after he overturned a previous ban by the UK immigration authorities. About 20 protestors gathered outside the building where he held a press conference.  (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images) 9

Sharia Law, also known as the Islam Law, is the body of practices based on what is written in the Qur’an. It continues to be a belief in countries like Afghanistan or Bangladesh. People think that all Muslims insist to get the Islamic law legalized, but it is quite debatable because as far as opinions go, most Muslims residing in first-world countries are against it.



There is an excerpt from the Sharia Law that declares that adultery is punishable by stoning. While this is frowned upon by present society, what they don’t know is that a somehow similar vote was proclaimed by a Republican candidate who believes that stoning homosexuals should be legalized.

They don’t want to modernize


With the acceptance of interracial marriages, gay rights, and women leading countries and propaganda, to say that Muslims have not adhered to modernization is ignorance at its finest. We have Muslims everywhere fighting for a good cause, interpreting the teachings of the Qur’an to promote peace among their brothers and sisters. We even have Muslims who excel in different fields of science and mathematics.

But the grim reality is, there are thousands of followers of the religion who are often marginalized for fighting for their right to equality.


Whenever we surf the Internet, we read headlines about them, but do we really know the truth? A lot of us choose to close our mind from this stigma, not recognizing the fact that our way of thinking is the real reason this world is slowly divided.

We should never mislabel a whole religion because of the acts of the minority of its believers. If we continue to live with the ideology the media is giving us, then maybe we should be more fearful of the hate within ourselves rather than the ones we see around us.



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