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Meet Spot, the Unbelievable Robot Dog That Went Viral

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With so many technological breakthroughs, it does not come to a surprise that robots are now emerging from various tech companies around the world.

Robot Dog

Some of the most notable robotic inventions that have stunned the world include Japan’s humanoid robot Aiko Chihira and the United States’ Robonaut 2. Whether they are for practical use or for military defense, robots have come a long way from the just being a figment of someone else’s imagination.

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One particular robotic creation that is making a statement is Spot.

Spot is the latest creation from Boston Dynamics, an engineering and robotics design company that is known for designing BigDog, a quadruped robot designed especially for the US military.

Boston Dynamics

Robot Dog Spot

In the over two minute video, people are introduced to Spot a quadruped robot that moves similarly to that of our canine companions. Not only is Spot able to climb up steep steeps, he is also able to change directions and even run faster than a human being.

To get to know more about this fascinating robotic dog, check out the videos below:

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