Mind-Blowing Google Apps You Need to Know About

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Google is regarded as one of the world’s largest tech moguls.

Although this tech giant specializes in Internet related services and products, Google has also developed the reputation of constantly launching innovative software applications that can be used for anything under the sun.

If you think Google Maps was amazing, check this Google apps you need to know about.

1.) The Evolution of the Web

The Evolution of the Web

It is a website composed of interlinked web pages and web applications that are filled with videos and photos with interactive content.

The color bands that can be seen on the page shows users how the interaction between various websites bring life to several web application.

2.) One Today

One Today

This app will allow your Android phone or iPhone to donate to a worthy cause.

3.) Google Sky

Google Sky

Expand your horizon and get to know the universe with this cool app.

4.) Google Earth Flight Simulator

Google Earth Flight Simulator

For those who want to try a hand at being a pilot, this Google app will simply blow your mind.

5.) Google Trends Visualizer

Google Trends Visualizer

Be updated with the latest trends that are hitting the web with this trends visualizer.


6.) Google Public Data Explorer

Google Public Data Explorer

Need public data fast? Then let this tool do that for you.

7.) World Wonders Project

World Wonders Project

Ever wondered how Pompeii looked like during its glorious days? This awesome app gives you a glimpse of the wonders of the modern and ancient world back to life.

8.) SmartyPins


Bored? Play a bit of trivia game using Google Maps!

9.) Solve for X

Solve for X

For those who are familiar with Google X, this app is a definite step up from their previous project.

10.) Ingress


Here is a definite must try for both gamers and non gamers alike. This app is perfect for both Android and iPhone that gives you a sense of playing a real life virtual game.

Find out how these apps can be used in work through these videos:


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