Monowheels- The One Wheeled Wonder

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If you think unicycles were fun then you have not tried the incredible monowheel.

This engineering marvel is unlike the typical unicycle that requires riders to take an elevated seat for it to function. Instead, riders take a seat inside the wheel and with a pedal or extra wheels, will the function take effect. Although they may look like they come from a science fiction movie, the science behind monowheels are very solid.

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For a monowheel, both direction and speed are controlled through the same physical apparatus. Majority of the systems in monowheels will only require the rider to shift their weight should they wish to change directions. The first concept of monowheels was first introduced during the 1800’s by a man named Rousseau of Marseilles.

The monowheels’ earliest form perched the cyclist inside a 2 1/2 yards high wheel. With no steering mechanism, the very first monowheel required so much of the rider’s sense of balance. Despite the fact that bicycles were invented half a century earlier, the invention of the monowheel took everyone by surprise as a one wheeled vehicle was not feasible enough to function.

When it grew in popularity several new models emerged and multiple patents were eventually made.

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