10 of the Coolest Gadgets Presented at the CES 2015


On January 2015, the Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s biggest electronics and technology trade show, was held in Las Vegas. And at that time, thousands of innovative products were introduced. Some of them were cool, others are mind-blowing. Regardless, they are all life-changing.

From driverless cars to handy drums, we present you 10 of the most innovative technologies that were presented at CES 2015:

1. 360fly


The 360fly features an ultra-wide-angle lens, which is able to capture 240 degrees of vertical video and 360 degrees of horizontal video at the same time. Meaning, whenever you re-watch a certain video, you can still flip it around in a full circle. This way, you can see what is going on in every direction. This sportscam is waterproof and will last about 3 hours of battery life. 360fly will be distributed this spring for $499.


2. Devialet Phantom

The Devialet Phantom is a new gadget that is capable of producing omnidirectional sound. This can be connected to other devices, such as tablets, computers, phone, televisions, and other Phantom speakers that are WiFi enabled. By using a special microprocessor, it is able to produce an excellent sound. This gadget can be bought starting at price of $1,900.



3. Sony Bravia X900C

Sony Bravia X900C

Unlike any other futuristic televisions, the Sony Bravia X900C looks thinner, with a thickness of only 4.9 millimeters. This 4K Ultra HDTV is designed with an edge-to-edge screen to make a picture appear as if its floating on the wall. And, similar to other Sony TVs that can support android, owners can play games and stream Netflix and Hulu. Though the price is still unknown, this television is expected to be released this spring in varying sizes, including 55-, 65-, and 75-inch.

4. Singtrix


Do you love to sing? Well, Singtrix is definitely for you. Even if you don’t have the talent, this device will make you sound like your favorite singers with the press of a button. But seriously, Singtrix has amazing features everybody will surely love. These are natural pitch correction, compatibility with YouTube and other smartphones, built-in backup singers, and pro vocal effects. This device is sold for as low as $349.

5. Harman Individual Sound Zones


Unlike other items on this list, Harman Individual Sound Zones (ISZ) is not really a product. Instead, it is a concept that utilizes digital signal processing and directional speakers in order to give a rider in a car a private “sound zone”. With these sound zones, every passenger can listen to his own music, even without headphones. Currently, the manufacturers of the product is working with automakers to implement the concept in automobiles. It is expected that ISZ will be seen in cars within this year.



6. Razer Forge TV


With Razer Forge TV, you can play your favorite PC games on the big screen. This amazing device features a foldable lap keyboard-mouse-combo for all sorts of gaming needs, a micr0-console, and classic game controllers. This product is sold starting at the price of $100.

7. Mercedes F 015 Luxury in Motion Concept

Mercedes-Benz F015 - Luxury in Motion
Mercedes-Benz F015 – Luxury in Motion

Mercedes has revealed their very own concept of self-driving cars. They call it the “F 015”. When in autonomous mode, the grille lights up. It also displays the words “Stop” and “Slow Down” to badass drivers behind you. Because this is still a concept car, this isn’t expected to hit the road any time soon.



8. Muzik Smart Drumsticks


Muzik Smark Drumsticks is a must-have for every drummer. It allows you to play the drums even without an actual drums. The sticks are connected to a certain app, so whenever you tap it in the air, it can detect where each drum is. However, you need to set it up first. You also have to configure your virtual drum and choose from the different types and styles of drums. The price isn’t revealed yet, but Muzik ensures they will be releasing it by the end of the year at a very reasonable price.

9. Parrot Zik Sport


The concept of heart-rate monitors, fitness headphones, and fitness trackers is combined into one device – the Parrot Zik Sport. Although it is purely conceptual, it can be of great use for your fitness routines. This Bluetooth-enabled fitness headset can track your heart rate, other fitness statistics, as well as some advanced fitness metrics, including vertical oscillation, pressure on each foot, and cadence.

10. LG Twin Wash


LG’s Twin Wash System is probably the future of washing machines. It allows you to wash two loads at the same time – one regular load and one mini-load. As of now, the price is still TBD. But, according to reports, one can actually buy the mini-load washer alone since it is compatible with other LG washers. This way, you don’t have to spend more money in buying a whole new machine.

There are plenty of other innovative gadgets showcased at the CES 2015. But, we think the 10 above are by far the coolest.



Check out some videos of these coolest gadgets below:


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