10 of the Craziest Technologies at the CES 2015


There has been no shortage of new innovations at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015. From high-resolution televisions, to virtual reality headsets, innovators have never failed to amaze us all with their brilliant creations.

Among all technologies on display at the event, there were some that looked crazy, weird, yet awesome. Check these out:

1. Sony Walkman

CES 2015 weird tech

Sony’s walkman has been given a modern makeover after 35 years. However, it’s not just an ordinary low-cost music player. It comes with a 128 GB memory and a stunning price of $1,119.99.

2. Melo Mind

CES 2015 weird tech

Melo Mind is a brain-scanning tool that allows one to relax and stay calm. It comes with a white headset that looks like a broken egg shell. Its function is to read the neural activity of a person and translate it into the language of music.

3. LG G Flex 2

Whenever you sit on it, this phone just flexes. This is among LG’s most recent innovations.

4. Beam

CES 2015 weird tech

Beam is a remote-controlled communication robot that allows a person to communicate with other people, regardless of where they are.

5. Kube

CES 2015 weird tech

Kube is an all new innovation that combines both high-quality sound and refrigeration. It is a portable speaker that is able to produce 100 db of sound.



6. Rollkers

CES 2015 weird tech

The Rollkers are not your ordinary rollerskates. These are actually rollers that are meant to help a person walk twice as fast.

7. Panasonic Smart mirror

The Panasonic Smart Mirror is simply a mirror that points out any of a person’s flaws, such as pores, dryness or wrinkles. After which, it gives recommendations as to what products can be used to fix them.

8. Belty

Belty is a smart belt that automatically loosens itself if you eat too much. It has sensors embedded on it, so when you have eaten too much, it will vibrate.

9. Tao Chair

CES 2015 weird tech

Though it looks like an ordinary piece of furniture, it is actually a very useful chair for fitness buffs. It allows you to watch your favorite television shows, while working out your muscles at the same time.

10. Chromat 3D – printed bra

This 3D printed bra wasn’t actually displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show. However, it is one of the most fashionable underwear displayed on the fashion website Refinery29.


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