15-Year-Old Finds Genius Way to Help His Grandpa’s Alzheimers


Kenneth Shinozuka is a 15-year-old teenager who has invented something spectacular. But it wasn’t part of  a competition or be admitted to a prestigious school. His grandpa was the main reason Kenneth started working on his creation.


Kenneth is very close with his grandfather, whom he has been living in the same house with. However, life isn’t always good to people, and Kenneth is no exemption. His grandpa unfortunately suffers from a mental illness: Alzheimer’s disease.

Kenneth’s grandfather, however, began to wander off in the dead of the night, only a few years after being diagnosed. There was even an event when he wandered aimlessly and got to the free way. Kenneth’s family was really worried when this happened, but fortunately, a police officer saw him and brought him home.



In his desire to ensure the safety of his grandfather, Kenneth’s brilliant invention came to life—a device that notifies a caregiver’s smartphone if the patient gets out of bed. Kenneth created a simple sensor that can be attached to a sock.




The sensors garnered remarkable results when they were being tested by patients at a nursing home. Because of his invention, Kenneth was even given the Science in Action award by Scientific American.




Kenneth’s device proved to be helpful not only to his grandfather but also those who suffer from the same disease. It’s an invention that can save lives and ensure the safety of our loved ones. It’s just what you’d expect from something that was manufactured out of pure love and concern.



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