See the 30 Coolest Gadgets in 2016


Every year, technology gets better and new gadgets seem to get more advanced and cooler. Heart rate monitors are already integrated with fitness and activity trackers. The drones are becoming more sophisticated, and refrigerators are now capable of making your grocery list for you.

The world we live in is strange and wonderful. The International CES 2016 Gadget Showcase shows us what we have to look forward to. These 30 high-tech gadgets will be out on the market soon, and some of them are just too cool for words.

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The International CES 2016 Gadget Showcase is an event done to show off the latest inventions the tech world has for consumers

This passenger drone can travel for 10 miles and it conveniently folds into a regular parking spot

Self-driving cars were huge this year, like this example from Mercedes

This is Ziro, a motion-controlled glove that is connected to a robot. You can control the gadget with a wave of your hand.

LG showed their incredibly thin OLED display. It is so flexible it can roll up like a newspaper.

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