5 Phone Charging Hacks To Quickly Charge Your Phones


One of the most common first world problem today is a dying smartphone. Phones always seemingly run out of battery when we need them the most. Keeping our smartphone charged is a challenge we all have in our everyday life, it’s worse when we are traveling. Sitting in an airplane, in a train or exploring a new city, we rely on our smartphones for navigation, entertainment, communication and of course for selfies. Before we know it, our phones batteries are already drained.

Charging the lithium batteries when we have limited time is always a difficult task. So, we research for ways that we can juice up our phones’ batteries as quickly as possible.

Here are 5 simple hacks for getting our phone batteries as charge as much possible when we’re short on time.

Charge From a Wall Socket


When in a hurry, always charge from a wall socket rather than from a laptop. Charging your phones through laptops will take an extra hour or more than charging from a wall socket. If the wall sockets in your hotel isn’t equipped with a USB port, you can always buy an USB adapter. Adapters are small and can cost as little as $10.

Use a High-Power USB Adapter


Speaking of USB adapters, make sure to use one that can give out as much power as your phones can handle. iPhone 6’s charger is a 1 amp power adapter but the phone can actually handle a 2.1 amp charger which iPad are equipped. So, if you have the 2.1 amp charger, use it to charge your iPhone 6 faster.

Don’t worry, your phone will not be damage by this. Adapters have maximum rating but they can/will only send as much power as your phone can handle. So, check out the specifications of your adapter and get the higher one if you need to.

Charge Your Battery Pack Instead




Portable battery packs will charge much faster than your smartphone. For instance UNU Superpak10000mAH 3.1A Portable Charger boasts of being able to fully charge an iPhone 6 and other devices in just a matter of minutes.

Just plug the battery into the wall while you’re waiting for your flight, you’ll have an instant battery charger while on the move. These battery packs are very portable so you can put them in your pocket or purse. 

Put Your Phone in Flight Mode


Airplane mode will turn off phone features that are sneakily draining the battery of your phone. The Wi-Fi and radio are one of the biggest power eater on your phone. Turning your phone into Airplane mode will allow it to be charged as fast as possible.

Stop Checking the Charge Level


Your phone’s big bright screen eats your battery power faster than Wi-Fi. So, stop checking your battery level while your phone is charging. Continually turning on the display to check your battery percentage will only prolong your charging period.

Here’s some videos that would help you to charge your phone faster.


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