6 Innovative Features That Will Make You Want the New Samsung S6



On March 2–5 this year, the Mobile World Congress had gone under its way. In the event that has always been attracting a number of interested spectators, phone manufacturers all have something in their pockets. Samsung, Huawei, and HTC, for example, divulged what they have prepared for the year. In the same event, Samsung presented their newest Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, which apparently stole the show.

Samsung has been looking for the best way to drive people’s attention away from Apple Inc.’s successful iPhone 6 launch. Released last April 10, the new Samsung Galaxy S6 was all set to tell people why they should try their new phone. And to give you more reasons why it’s something you should spend a few bucks on, here are the wondrous advantages the S6 has to offer.

1. Very Sharp Display


With 577 pixels per inch across the 5.1-inch screen with quad HD resolution, you’ll surely get watery over the display of the new S6, may it be the regular Galaxy S6 or its curvy friend Edge. It is proven to be better than the then S5’s 432 pixels and even iPhone 6’s 401 pixels.

2. Glass-and-Metal Design


Samsung found the best way to catch customer’s attention even if their product is placed in a large stock of mobile phones. The glass-and-metal design is a big leap from the usual plastic body design. It has Gorilla Glass panels and metal frame, which its predecessors do not have.



3. Wireless Charging


Are you a believer of the impossibility of wireless charging? It’s okay; it has always seemed like so. But Samsung, even though it is not the kind of wireless charging you imagined, it slowly takes you there. We are definitely getting there. The S6 and the S6 Edge have built-in features for wireless charging. In case wireless charging becomes a reality, these phones are ready to go.

4. Escalating the Stakes on the Camera


Featuring the fastest camera among all Samsung smartphones, the S6 is a true star. It has a startup time of 0.7 seconds and comes with automatic focus tracking. its rear camera is a 16MP with optical image stabilization and live HDR, and the front one is a 5MP with a live HDR.



5. An Icon of Mobile Payments


It’s not the first one to introduce such feature, but it joined the clan of Apple Pay and Google. The company has recently acquired LooPay, which is powered by a unique technology that allows it to go along with any standard magnetic credit card stripe readers. Their new Samsung Pay is blended into the S6.



6. Design Alternatives You Can Choose From


What attracts more a customer than the fact that they can actually customize their choice? iPhone has released two editions of the iPhone 6. Samsung doesn’t want to get left behind. Samsung has previously tried this with their mini version releases of their mobile phones, but this time, they wanted to step up and introduced the S6 Edge together with the regular S6. With its curved edges, the Edge is a proof that Samsung has some stuff up their sleeves.

With these six innovative features, has your love for other brands been stirred? Nevertheless, all manufacturers, Samsung is one, just want the best for their customers. From the usual text-and-call feature, they have turned phones to something you can basically do almost everything with. The perks of technology.



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