A Day at the Office Desk Just Took a Whole New Twist …See How You Can Lie Down on the Job!


With this startup’s pricey desk, lying back on the job probably isn’t on the horizon, but we can hope for the future.  Called the the Altwork Station, this piece of furniture allows the user to lie in a completely horizontal position while working. Additionally, you can rotate the desk at 90 degrees to make it stand and allow you to stand as well.

The desk is flexible enough to be set up in four different positions, which range from the familiar desk you can find in most offices to the modern, standing-desk alternative. The Altwork Station is for those who spend most of their day sitting in front of a computer. Its most interesting configuration is the ability to put the user on his back, which the desk’s makers call the focus mode.



The computer is designed in a way that the computer monitor can be hung over the user’s head and the desk is perpendicular to the body. All other accessories are kept from sliding off by a system of magnets.

Experts say that it is not advisable for humans to keep the same position for the whole day. They are required to move around. This is the main purpose of the desk: “to get people to change how they are seated over the course of the day.”





The Altwork Station is priced at $5,900, but if you make an early purchase, it can be yours at $3,900. However, it won’t start shipping until mid-2016, so you’ll have to wait for a while.

The Altwork Station is dominating the market now although it’s not the only one out there on the market as there are some alternatives that come at a lower price.  The Japanese markets are selling an adjustable and wonderful laptop desk from manufacturer Thanko and is sold at $110.



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