Are Hover boards a Fire Hazard? These Incidents Say Yes–Find Out Here


Hoverboard is all the trend nowadays. Even JustinBieber and Chris Brown were seen riding on them. However, while everyone is riding high on the PhunkeeDuck, there lies a controversial question behind all the ruckus: are hoverboards really safe?


The safety of hoverboards has long been an issue, but the debate became even more heated when a footage of a burning hoverboard surfaced. The video was taken at a mall in Auburn, Washington, on December 8, 2015. It happened at a stall that was selling them. When witnesses were asked how the fire started, people said it just exploded “for no reason.”

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It’s not the first time this happened though. Jessica Horne, a mom from Lafitte, Louisiana, bought her son a brand-new hoverboard, but it suddenly exploded in his room. Horne said she almost lost her home because of it.



She shared to WGNO, “Both wheels, it was like a firework. I saw sparks flying and before I could yell, ‘The house is on the fire!’ the middle part of the board that would go in between your feet—it just went ‘poof!’”

Because of the apparent danger this gadget causes, many major cities and airports in the United States have banned it. Britain as well is prohibiting the use of hoverboards.

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If you were planning to buy one as a Christmas present, you might want to reconsider that, unless you want to be homeless when the new year opens.


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