Bare Head Helmet Is the New Best Accessory for Motorcyclists


The road is not safe. It always has not been. Cars, trucks of all sizes, anything can happen. According to Association for Safe International Road Travel, nearly 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year, or 3,287 die every day. Twenty to fifty million end up injured or disabled. This is how dangerous it can be, and if you’re a motorcycle rider, it can be worse. The best thing you can do? Wear helmets.

Wearing helmets has a lot of benefits, including avoiding fatal head injuries, protecting you from dusts, and keeping your eyes safe. But wearing the same old thing can be boring too. While our main priority is our safety, it is not too wrong to hope for the old helmet trend to be more exciting. Indian artist Jyo John Mulloor saw the same desire, so he made something that is now gaining a lot of attention—helmets designed like a man’s bare head.

Mulloor is from southern Indian state and is a passionate motorcyclist himself. He loves taking a ride with his motor bikes, but even after years, he still feels uncomfortable wearing a helmet. Because of his dislike of wearing a thick, clunky piece of metal, he organized the Project Human Helmet.

The project is aimed to bring the kind of comfort like wearing a helmet but feeling as if you are not wearing one. His customized helmet looks like an actual head. Users have the liberty to produce an image of their own head and use it in making the helmet.



The project has been attracting riders and companies alike who are hoping they can use the design and produce a line of products. Motorcyclists agree that this new design sure looks better than the old-time protective gear.

Nevertheless, just like Mulloor’s main concern, these just want to achieve the same thing: complete safety for the riders. It is important that the users are also aware that before they can benefit from the comfort and convenience this product brings, they must be knowledgeable about all the rules and limitations when it comes to driving.



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