Best Tech Announcements from the Mobile World Congress


Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is one of tech industry’s biggest trade shows int he world. It is here where some of the years’s highly anticipated products are featured for the first time to the public. This year currently focused on the concept of wearability for today’s newest gadgets.

Here are just some of the highlights of this year’s Mobile World Congress.

Lenovo Pocket Projector


The Pocket Projector is a portable way of projecting your smartphone up to a truly massive scale. What makes this pocket projector unique is that it goes beyond the average size of a television or monitor display. It only costs $199, which might finally be inexpensive enough to bring more consumers onboard for something like this.

Ikea’s Wireless Charging Furniture


The highly innovative Ikea has answered all our phone charging needs by inventing the first ever phone charging furniture. The Swedish furniture company partnered with Wireless Power Consortium to construct a series of small items such as lamps and side tables that can charge mobile devices without the use of wires.



Ford MoDe Electric Bike


This smart bike that connects with your iPhone to give the rider access to all sorts of sensors and features. The handles have turn signal and also work in conjunction with the navigation on your iPhone to vibrate when you need to turn left or right. The handy MoDe even warns you when a car is approaching behind you at a quick speed using proximity sensors.

One of the coolest features is that you can set the 200w motor to kick in when your heart rate hits a certain threshold.

LG Watch Urbane / Urbane LTE


Tech company LG has released two new smartwatches during the congress namely the LG Wathcb Urbane and the Urbane LTE. The Watch Urbane is an Android Wear device that is sleek and chic looking while the Urbane LTE is quite the opposite. Big and bulky in design, the Urbane LTE is equipped with the 4G LTE.

HTC One M9


HTC’s One M9 has a new 20-megapixel sensor on its back and moves the UltraPixel 4-megapixel camera to the front.



Pebble Time Steel


Pebble is the small company that finally made the dream of smartwatches a reality. Its newest model is the highly anticipated Pebble Time Steel. The redesigned smartwatch adds different options of metal bands to and an all-around more modern look that has us more excited than ever to be Pebble users.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


The Galaxy S6 is a more premium-feeling device made entirely of glass and metal. The S6 Edge model features a curved display on both sides of the front panel.



Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet


The 10.1-inch tablet is the thinnest and lightest tablet of this size ever made, surpassing the iPad Air 2 and the Galaxy Tab S. The overall design is similar to its predecessor, the Xperia Z2 Tablet and has been completed updated including a massive 6,000 mAh battery and a high resolution 2560 × 1600 display.

HTC Vive


The HTC Vive features a two laser base stations that are set to detect your movement in a 15×15 foot area. The result is a VR experience unlike any other that brings virtual reality to a whole new level.

Huawei Watch


Smartwatches have gotten significantly prettier and rounder in these last months leading up to the launch of the Apple Watch, but few people would have expected the prettiest of all to come from Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei. However, Huawei has made an Android Wear smartwatch that feels amazingly similar to a classy, traditional wristwatch.

Its simple and traditional design will be easier to carry around especially when you are out grocery shopping.



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