These Bionic Boots Lets You Run Up to 25 MPH …This Is Way Cool


Have you ever wanted to run fast like your favorite superhero or animal? You can now make it possible with the Bionic Boots.

As a child, Keahi Seymour was always fascinated at how ostriches could effortlessly run at the speed of 25 mph, while covering 5 m in a single stride. So he dedicated more than a decade of his life to develop this pair of amazing boots.


He developed numerous prototypes before he came up with its final form. Seymour guaranteed that the wearer can have a similar experience as the ostrich has for running at 25 mph.

The invention has a spring at the back that  imitates an ostrich’s Achilles tendon, which provides the user with more down force into the surface below. This allows every step to have a more powerful forward force, which is way beyond an average human’s unassisted capability.





bionic boots

According to an interview, while Seymour achieved the speed of an ostrich, he will continue to develop the Bionic Boots until he beats the record for the earth’s fastest land animal, the cheetah, which can run up to 60–75 mph. Well, he hasn’t actually beaten the ostrich’s top speed, which is at 45 mph, so he has a lot of catching up to do for his future ambitions.


Watch the Bionic Boots in action here.

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