Blooming Lights in Jerusalem …Check Out These One-Of-A-Kind Street Lamps


Street lamps are usually boring. They’re boring because their design wasn’t given much thought. They were simply made to light dark corners up, nothing more. However, there is a different kind of street lamp in Jerusalem—a giant flowered street lamp that blooms when someone is underneath them. Pretty cool, right?

These unique street lamps, which go by the name Warde, are creations of HQ Architects. What sets these apart from all the boring-looking lamp posts is that these lamps only light up when someone is passing under them and even when someone is just approaching.

The lamps are not only erected to provide light but also to add beauty to Vallero Square in Jerusalem. People who can’t find a good spot for small talk can just stop right under the lamps.



The unique installations work 24/7. During daytime, they provide shade to those looking for an escape from the heat of the sun. Then at night they light up the dark street.

Two posts stand back to back, but each lamp works independently. If a person walks toward one lamp, the other would not react. The flower-like covers of the lamps stay open until the person taking shelter under it walks away.





Although the street lamps can only be found in Jerusalem for now, its hoped that one day, street lamp designers will come up with more of these.



Watch it right here below.

Now here’s another innovation of lighting up the streets. Watch the video below.