SpotMini robot

Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini Robot Can Now Open and Hold Doors


Technology is here for a reason. Things are invented for a purpose. We have phones so it’ll be easier to call and text someone. We now have something to cook rice on our behalf or make coffee when we don’t feel like mixing one. The centuries-long evolution of technology has now taken us to the point where we have machines do the simplest of things—as simple as opening the door.

American robotics design company Boston Dynamics aims to change one’s idea of what robots can do by making ones that can do basically all sorts of things. Let’s get to know SpotMini robot.

Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini Robot Can Open the Doors for You

Known for developing robots that maneuvered like animals, Boston Dynamics never comes short when it comes to creating robots that can do things no other machine can, the latest in the bunch being the SpotMini robot.

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Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics describes the Spot Mini robot as the four-legged, lightweight robot that can fit in an office or home. It’s electricity-run and can go for as long as an hour and a half on a charge. The “quietest robot we (Boston Dynamics) have built,” SpotMini can do basically everything, and that includes turning handles and holding doors open.

SpotMini is the younger brother of another robot named Spot, but the former is the more advanced one, being able to use its arm to pick up and handle objects. In the latest video shared by Boston Dynamics, Spot can be seen staring at a door seemingly confused as to how he could open it until SpotMini robot comes to help. Spot Mini turns the knob, opens the door, holds it for Spot, then follows and walks through it right after.

Successfully creating a robot that can recognize a door and a knob and be able to turn it and hold it is nothing short of amazing. But it makes us think of the future and ask, where exactly are we going with this?

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