Boy’s Lego Prosthetic Arm Transforms Into Anything a He Wants



In an effort to boost the self-confidence and morale of children with missing limbs, Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar of the Umea Institute of Design, designed a prosthetic arm that comes with a replaceable hand attachment. It can be replaced with anything you want, as long as you can build it with Lego pieces. This invention is indeed a new advancement in the world of prosthesis.



Called the IKO Creative Prosthetic System, this device allows a child to customize his new limb, depending on their individual needs. Through this, Tovar believes that a child’s social skills, as well as psychological and emotional development will significantly improve.

Dario is among the first kids, who has tried the new instrument. In the promotional video of IKO System, he is seen using his hands in some ways he never could before.






Check out the video below to find out more of this amazing technology:



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