This Brilliant Invention is The Future of Communication …Your Jaw Will Drop


We live in an era where advanced technology makes everything possible. We invent new things just to make other the usually hard activities easier and more accessible. Take iPhones, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Facetime, and Android as examples. But what’s next?

The finest students of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have an idea on what will be the next technological development . . . and that’s through pixels!

Human technology has no limits. We know it can create almost everything possible, yet we can’t help but still be amazed when we look at this kind of project that could completely change the future.

The innovative students at MIT have developed the future of interacting with digital content in real life. They’ve come up with an idea of two persons that are hundreds of miles away to interact with each other through a game. The technology is called inFORM, and it’s like a table made of clay with an image of your friend from across the globe.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the future of interaction. Watch and enjoy the game!

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