Man Goes Shopping in his Flying Bathtub

These Two German Brothers Go Shopping in a Flying Bathtub


It’s not a bird, not a plane . . . it’s a flying bathtub!

A typical morning in early January became one that will never be forgotten after two vloggers were spotted shopping in a flying bathtub to the amazement of everyone who witnessed it.

German Brothers Go Shopping in Their Flying Bathtub

The people behind the amazing stunt were no other than 20-year-old twins Philipp and Johannes Mickenbecker, who also call themselves The Real-Life Guys and run a YouTube channel that has over 300,000 subscribers and has raked in a total of 30 million views.

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Everything’s caught in a four-minute video. Thirty seconds into the clip, one of the twins is seen positioning himself inside the bathtub that is equipped with special stabilizing propellers. Wearing a helmet for protection, the other half of the duo then sets off and flies over a farmland and a pond until he reaches his destination: a bakery because he was craving for some sandwich.

As expected, the flying bathtub drew attention from everybody around, with some of them stopping to take photos of the one-of-a-kind invention.

According to the twins, they spent two months sourcing the materials needed for the project. They also had to ask permission from the German government to use the project, as it had to be flown at a dangerous height.

The twins were glad that their project was met with positive reviews, with some even asking them to officially sell the flying bathtub.

Speaking of the unbelievable feat, Phillip Mickenbecker shared, “The response to our video was very good! Most of our subscribers did not believe that we would succeed. Most thought that we would break our bones; we asked them in a survey before.

“It is the world’s first manned flying bathtub, so it is pretty amazing. A lot of our subscribers even told us to start a company selling bathtub drones.”

The flying bathtub isn’t the first crazy invention the Mickenbeckers have come up with. Before, they’ve tried to make the world’s smallest hot air balloon, tried to conquer the waters in their bathtub submarine, and even transformed a bike into a homemade plane! Well, according to the About section of their YouTube channel, Philipp and Johannes believe that “life is for strange adventures,” so none of that should come as a surprise.

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