Can Facebook Really Do Teleportation? See What the Future Holds for 2025!


What will our futures look like? Will we be flying around in Jetson’s type vehicles?  Will teleportation be possible? Only time will tell…


Facebook’s chief technical officer, Mike Schroepfer, announced last Tuesday that Facebook will be creating a fully functioning teleporter by 2025.




During a press conference at the Dublin Web Summit, Schroepfer told an audience that the Internet giant is planning to release a teleporter. Thing is, it might not be the kind of teleporter we think it is.

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Planning to be a giant in virtual reality industry too, Facebook, with the help of Schroepfer, wants to take VR technology to the next level. The plan is to simulate teleportation to the user’s senses, paired with physical feedback and world reconstruction at real time.

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Now under the umbrella of Facebook, Oculus VR joined hands with Surreal Vision, a 3-D-scene reconstrcution company, to create an advanced way to stream live environment into virtual reality. They started brainstorming on how to create the technology last May.

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Since it was first introduced, virtual reality has always remained just a theoretical interest for the majority, but Facebook, Oculus, and Surreal Vision want to turn it into something that can finally be considered part of reality.

Schroepfer stated,

Facebook wants to build a device that allows you to be anywhere you want, with anyone, regardless of geographic boundaries.”



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