Comic Book Fan Lifts a Car Using Exoskeleton He Built


Move over, Tony Stark, there’s a real-life Iron Man in town.

James Hobson from Ontario, Canada, took inspiration from his favorite superhero, which is originally played by Robert Downey Jr. in the Hollywood version, and created his very own iron suit. The prototype has surpassed even his own expectations as Hobson was able to lift a mini Cooper and a pick-up truck with the help of his genius invention.

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After a longtime practice of building machines including weapons to everyday devices, he hopes that this new invention will soon help patients with muscle or bone movement problems.

Hobson has always been a fan of comic books, particularly Iron Man. He even has a company called Hacksmith Industries, inspired by the fictional Stark Industries still based on the series.

“I’ve always liked comic books and superheroes. I feel like we’ve gotten to a point where technology is starting to catch up with science fiction and make-believe,” he shared.

Under the username Hacksmith on video-sharing site YouTube, James details his progress on his new inventions. He has garnered quite the following with his videos garnering up to a million views.

In order to pursue his true passion, Hobson took a gamble and quit his job. He already has a profound knowledge in engineering anyway, so all Hobson had to do next was to start inventing contraptions that many could only dream of. He got the idea of building the first prototype exoskeleton out of pneumatic cylinders. Before long, he began inventing even more.

“I hope to make a living off YouTube and then use that popularity to crowdsource a company building exoskeletons for medical use,” Hobson adds.

Looking into the end of 2016 as a target date to finish his project, Hobson hopes to have a full suit by then.

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