Up and Coming Features You Need to Know About Google’s Android M


Android M is Google’s newest mobile operating system.

Although the newest updates are reportedly subtler that last year’s massive Android Lollipop update, Android M still has amazing features that gives one more reason to anticipate its release. Although it is unclear on what pastry name they will be naming it after, the preview for this newest mobile OS can be downloaded if one has a Nexus 5, 6, 9 or Nexus Player.

Here are the highly anticipated features you need to know about Android M.

Android Pay


Android Pay is the newest paying app that will be featured in the new Android M. Like its predecessor, the Android Pay is an app where you can add your payment method whether it’s a debit or credit card. You can also use the app to make purchases at NFC terminals or anything that supports this app. If your phone has a fingerprint sensor, you can use your fingerprint to authenticate that transaction.

Android Pay is available to use in more than 700,000 stores in the United States and will be supported by American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

App Backups


The App backups will now allow you to download all you deleted app from google Drive. However, there is a 25 MB on every app that is backed up.

App Drawer


The App Drawer allows you to vertically view your apps and in alphabetical order. The four recently downloaded apps will be pinned to the top of the drawer for easy access. The app drawer also has search bar at the top which will come in handy if you want to easily look for an app.



Better Volume Control


Users would often go through the trouble of adjusting the unit’s volume by visiting the Settings page. However, with Android M, a little drop down arrow is shown that will automatically link you to the main volume menu.

Direct Share


The Share menu will recognize how often you send pictures, links and even data to your friends or significant other.





The Doze feature on Android M will detect when a device has not been moved for an extended period of time. It will automatically shut down its processors to that apps will not drain the power from your battery. Even in “doze mode,” it will periodically scan for new messages and updates even if your wifi scars and network access are disabled.

Fingerprint Support


The fingerprint support on Android M is a feature for authorization you can use on your phone instead of having a pin or a password. It will even make your payments through Android Pay easier.

Now on Tap


Now on Tap is one of the best  new features of Android M which acts like a smart virtual assistant. This app gives its users a contextual information based on the content on your screen.





With Android M, you can now give apps certain permissions like microphone, location, and camera whereas before, you had to give the app to use all of those things.

Uninstall Apps on the Homescreen


This has been long awaited for Android users. Long pressing an app on the home screen will finally give you an option to delete the shortcut or uninstall the app from your device.



Find out more about Google’s Android M in the videos below:


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