Company that understands the Wheelchair-Bound …See the Engineering that Enabled Life Changing Independence





Due to congenital muscular atrophy, Stacy Zoern has to deal with the inconvenience of riding in vehicles with her wheelchair. She thought there has to be a more efficient and hassle-free way of getting around town in a car.

Fortunately, she found Kenguru with this ingenious custom-designed vehicle and for Stacy, her prayers were answered. However, there were obstacles to get one of her own.



In the beginning Stacy was disappointed by the fact the company who conceptualized the clever car didn’t have enough funding to proceed with their production and testing. But Stacy couldn’t give up and offered to help.





She founded her own company, Community Cars Inc., which works hand-in-hand with Kenguru in June of 2010. She sought investors and worked hard to find some until she managed to merge with the company a year later. The company is in the process of producing their first version of the car.

The vehicle is suitable for people who are able to operate manual wheelchairs. The company is also planning to make another version that is controlled by a joystick. Stacy will be able to drive this car with her electronic motorized wheelchair because it doesn’t require much upper-body strength.



Aside from the convenience it brings to people who are confined to wheelchairs, it’s also a more reasonable choice with respect to its price. Specialized vans can cost up to $100,000, but these compact cars will only cost around $25,000.



Reservations and pre-orders are now being taken through Kenguru’s web site. The site offers information regarding the number of cars that will be manufactured on the first production run. They’re off o a great start and are hoping for continued success. It would be fantastic to see how their product designs will evolve over the course of their production to accommodate other disabled demands.


Check out the videos below.