Death of Conversation- This Ad Tells All



Today’s technology have broken barriers in terms of connecting with people across the globe. It has redefined the various methods that people communicate to each other. From social media to Instant messaging, a sea of endless possibilities have opened up on the way we reach our loved ones who are either just minutes away from us or miles away from us. Despite this breakthrough, few people have realized the dire effects of one’s dependency on gadgets as a means of conversing with people.

A touching ad campaign has recently been released by the Ogilvy Advertising’s Beijing office that reflects the irony or the detrimental effects of smartphones on human relationships. Designed by Shiyang He, the series of powerful ads was made for the Shenyang Center For Psychological Research.

The three ads showcase the typical home life situations that we encounter. Two of the pictures show both a parent and their child in one setting while the couple on the last ad. However, what makes the scene stand out is the large smartphone found in the middle blocking any form of real conversation between the two.






The visually creative images evoke a powerful message that lets us know how we become slaves to our very own gadgets thereby canceling out the chance to form authentic connections with people especially with the ones we love.

Shiyang, the designer of the ads expressed his worry that the there is an increasing level of smartphone addiction around the world. And this does not come as a surprise with the fact that several smartphone models are being released to the market almost every month.

As much as we want to deny the fact that we love our smartphones more than the people around us, these images show just how dependent we have become on that little piece of device we have on our hand.

Check out the powerful yet dire effects that Technology has given to us in the clips below:



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