This Small Device Can Predict the Weather. You Will be Amazed How it Works



When it rains, there is nothing worse than leaving the house without an umbrella or even a jacket. So, before you leave the house, you might probably want to ask yourself, “Will it rain? Should I take a jacket? Or is it best to bring an umbrella?” 

To answer these questions, oftentimes you turn on the television and watch the weather forecast. Sometimes, you check on your smartphone app. But, wouldn’t it be easier if you have a Tempescope at home? This device is more like a weather crystal ball, but it comes in a glass box. It is used to simulate the current weather outside.



Invented by Japanese designer Ken Kawanmoto, this device can actually show the weather outside, even if you are in your bedroom or in the living room. This wireless device creates a simulation of some natural meteorological phenomenon, such as humid, lightning, fog, and rain. With this device, you won’t have to worry about the weather the next day. Hence, you can plan what to wear ahead of time and not be caught unaware the following day.






Tempescope is currently an open source project. So, anyone gifted with great technical programming skills can modify the project and make their own box of weather based on the guidelines provided. However, if you don’t know anything about programming and you badly want a Tempescope, a group of individuals is now gearing up for a crowd funding campaign sometime this year. This way, they can make a commercial version of the product.





Learn more about this device through this video:


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