This is Claimed to be the First Unstealable Bike …Never Be Robbed Again!



There are many reasons bikes are often the subject of robbery. Bikes are easy to steal, thieves don’t need any keys and it’s very easy to ride. And once stolen, no one would even bother notice that it’s from someone else because it’s cheap.

But some people really give importance to their bikes, especially if this vehicle has sentimental value. So three Chilean engineers have invented a bike that’s impossible to steal and claimed that this one is the world’s first unstealable bike.

The first time you see this bike, it’s just ordinary and nothing special; but if you look at it closely, the bottom tube of the frame can be split into two parts allowing the user to wrap the bike around a pole. The bike is known as the Yerka, and it can easily be reconnected and dismantled.

Cristóbal Cabello, 22, Andrés Roi Eggers, 23, and Juan José Monsalve, 24, created the Yerka. They had to drop out of their university after telling others their idea. The unique thing about the Yerka is that once the bike’s seat tube forms an aforesaid lock, the only way to steal it is by cutting through it, thus destroying it in the process.



In order to push through with the production of the Yerka, they had to convince investors to invest in the bike. Back in November, the design of the Yerka was announced, and the team put in their first order for the production of 300 Yerkas. A state enterprise invested a total of $100,000 to finally realize the long-planned production.

Monsalve said, “The three of us have always been bike enthusiasts since kids; we love to use them as transportation or as a simple way to have fun. Sadly, Andrés had two of his bikes stolen in a short period of time. A few years ago, we took an engineering design class at Adolfo Ibáñez University here in Chile and were asked to solve a problem to an actual commute. Using Andrés’ experience as a starting point, we started to throw ideas to the table, trying to solve this problem, and finally came up with something very similar to what we have today.”

The designers are planning on an easier way to open the Yerka. The plan was to create an application that will open the bike using the user’s smartphone.


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