The Future Is Here: WiTricity Introduces Wireless Energy Transfer


We all know how bothersome plugging in wires just to get our devices back on track again. When you’re in the middle of the night, about to sleep, with all lights turned off , then your phone suddenly dies, you have to get up, turn the lights on, and plug the cables in. It’s not a lazy act to get tired over this, but wouldn’t it be good if we don’t have to go through all this? An engineering company says yes, and they are making something to take that burden off you.

From the American engineering company that is long known for manufacturing devices that allow wireless energy transfer using resonant energy transfer based on oscillating magnetic fields comes the newest and most innovative way of powering up objects from across a room—or even across continents. This device from WiTricity is able to charge devices without the help of cables. research is ongoing to make it more useful, like enabling it to “cast” wireless energy device type that is powered by batteries and even transfer to silicon.



A report on electromagnetic harvesters have been made, and it has also been found that stealing energy from the grid by setting up devices near them is not impossible. This is based on the research done by Yoshiki Fukada, who created technology that can increase and decrease the frequency of an oscillating magnetic field around power lines to interfere with the reception efficiency of homemade devices and to thwart criminal access to free energy. And according to Fukada, there’s a way so the person attempting to get free electric power cannot “connect” to the oscillating field, and that is by encrypting the information on the frequency of the oscillating magnetic field.



This is just one great way to open the doors on more life-changing wonders technology has to offer and will be offering. Brace yourselves! There’s more to come.





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