Google Schaft’s Bipedal Robot Can Navigate Stairs and Tough Terrains Like a Pro


With our advancements in robotics, spectacular humanoid creations have started to rise. We now have robots that serve as hotel receptionists and robots that help people deal with depression. So to keep up with this trend, Schaft, one of the companies owned by Alphabet (Google), has manufactured their very own bipedal robot. What’s even more interesting is how much it resembles a certain movie character.

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The bipedal robot bears a striking resemblance to the TARS US Marine Corp robot from the film Interstellar. Although it doesn’t have the same color, it remains eye-catching. It can cope with uneven terrain, climb up stairs, and navigate complex obstacle courses.

On April 8, the robot demonstrated its abilities during the New Economic Summit conference in Tokyo. The robot’s performance was captured in a footage and it shows the little guy ascending and descending stairs in a stadium and walk across a football pitch while carrying weights.

It also showed its ability to squeeze down a line of seats in the stadium; remain upright despite the obstacles that attempt to trip it; and make its way through uneven surfaces like a wet sand, a grassy hill, a snow-covered forest, and even a pebbled beach without any difficulties.

Schaft’s TARS-lookalike bipedal robot is also capable of walking around by itself. A truly stunning achievement in the field of robotics, since most robots would need wire tethering. Aside from that, it also looks less threatening than a human-sized robot.

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