7 Ways a Driverless Car Will Transform Your Life


Driverless cars have a lot of advantages, it will be safer and easier to travel. However, there are also some disadvantages that comes with it.

1. You’ll stop running errands.

 If your car can run without you, that would be awesome, right? You don’t need to go along with it to pick up your laundry, your groceries, or even your kids. You won’t need to stop by at petrol stations to refuel because car like that will be electric or can be charged wirelessly for example while they are parked. All restaurants would be able to deliver without needing a car driver.

The negative aspect of it is that millions of people (delivery drivers) will be out of a job.


2. Your parking hassles will disappear.

The car will just drop you off right at the door of wherever it is you want to go. It won’t totally leave you, of course, but they’ll park somewhere you can’t see them. Parking areas or garages will be slightly smaller since these kinds of cars can park better in narrow spaces. So it’s more room for your house or the establishment. Your car will also act as a delivery hub for your purchases online.

However, if you forget to bring your stuff out of your car, it will be a bit of a hassle to walk to where it is parked.



3. You’ll get more exercise. 

Autonomous car are programmed to follow traffic rules, which means traffic flow will be more efficient. Walking in the cities would be much safer and pleasurable. If you feel feel like having a bottle of beer or two you can now do it without worrying if you can make it back home in one piece because your car will bring you home safely.

The downside, if you previously had a personal chauffeur, you know how convenient it is to have someone at your beck and call.


4. You won’t even have to own a car.

This kind of car is expensive, and its value depreciates all the time, so it’s considered as a bad investment. Ownership of a car ( with warranty, maintenance, and other inconvenience ) will be useless once it reaches saturation. It would be better to just pay for it per mile or on a monthly basis.

The downside is you are not allowed to leave important things in the car. Even your coat.


5. You’ll be stuck in more traffic.

As mentioned before, driverless car also serve as an errand boy, it will pick up and deliver stuff for the owner. On your way to your destination, you’ll see cars even from distant cities fill the roads as they move to transport personal goods, even children. So expect to be stuck up in traffic.

Well, at least you can watch your favorite TV shows while waiting to arrive at your destination.



6. You’ll work more and get sick of it.

 Inside the car, stuck in a traffic but you’re not driving? Busy fellows will probably just work more, send emails instead of watching a TV show. There’s also a probability that you will suffer from motion sickness since you have no feeling of control as a passenger of an autonomous car.

But you can always lie down or nap while travelling to avoid the feeling.


7. You’ll never stop driving. Driverless car is a great help to people who cannot drive for whatever reason, injured, disabled or simply doesn’t know how to drive. Very useful also to teens who want to be independent a little early or parents of the teens who don’t recognize speed limits.

The bad side, you’ll probably forget how to drive and the feeling of being in control while driving.


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