Highway Rumble Strips Not Only Make Trips Safer …They Produce Music!!




For truckers who need to catch up deadlines and keep up with tight schedules, rumble strips are of really great help. Not only do these wake them up during late-night drives, these have also saved a number of lives throughout the years.

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But engineers wanted something more than just the rumbling sound it produces. So they thought of adding spice to those safety bumps… And took its design to a whole new level.

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Since the system was first suggested in 2007, engineers from different countries have tried to make the technique work. With this, pleasant music can be heard in highways all across the world.

However, this will only work if drivers maintain a certain speed, which means they have to obey the speed limit.



Listen to the music these rumble strips produce in the video below.

Watch a related video below.


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